These are some of our Great Producing, working Mares and upcoming competitors and hopeful producers. These mares have made our goals & dreams come true !

“Bar B” ’79 Black mare retired has been a exceptional producer 2 of her black fillies below Pic taken summer of 2005 and lookin’ good !

“Oakie” Black  APHA 2000 daughter of first mare

“TJ” Chestnut APHA 1997 Scribbles, Mr. Robin Boy, Our Sir Prize bred   (FOR SALE)


“Metiahe” Sorrel APHA B.S. Doc Bar, Gambling Man, Wamp It On Um bred.




Palomino AQHA  brindle, Hollywood Jack 86, Blondys Dude bred

“Chic” Black mare AQHA brindle, Peponita & Poco Tivio bred

“Satin” was awarded by APHA Top 10 in the leaders list for  APHA PAC 2005 .

“GoGo” APHA Buck McCue, King, Poco Bueno mare


“Natane” AQHA Buckskin Dry doc, Sugar Bars & Nu Bar bred

“Wichumpe” 2nd picture above APHA Topsail Cody, Shinning Spark, Barlink Macho man bred

Inheritable BRINDLED Colored Horses below. (Not For Sale) See Brindle Horse Page.

“Tigger” Dun AQHA Top Moon, Miracle Moon, Doc Bar bred.
“Kala” 2nd Buckskin APHA wamp it on um, gambling man, desert moon bar bred.

   "Brindy" Dun APHA B.S. Brindle spring pic of 2009 
then her fall pic in 2008       
"Punk'd" Bay APHA filly Barlink Macho Man, miracle moon bred
"Lil smut" 2nd pic is 2007 brown APHA filly




“Shasta” one of my first gymkhana ponies which took
me to state in H.S. rodeo for poles. Pic in 2005 @ 26 yrs old